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The Borgo

The Borgo is an elegant and noble palace at the edge of the medieval village of Roccantica. Built into a limestone cliff, it was designed by the architect Francesco Fontana in the seventeenth century. For centuries the Borgo has housed the powerful family of the Marchesi Vincentini, and later the Counts Robbio Tacci. It was also a stopover for pilgrims traveling to Rome and the nearby Franciscan shrines, and served as a fortress in times of tumult.

The Borgo is autonomous, a real private village within the village containing every amenity: the cellars, a brick oven, barns, a millstone, the church, the loggia of the pilgrims, an ancient water clock and even a theater. Its eighteenth century pensile garden has a special refined charm with its century old trees and the never ending view over the Tiber Valley and Mount Soratte. 

The entire complex is marked by history throughout the centuries and is renowned for its interesting architecture, which is proudly preserved. The elegance and luxury of the residence, its apartments and the enchanting nature of the Sabina countryside blend together harmoniously, creating a center of extraordinary beauty.

il borgo roccantica
il borgo roccantica appartamento del conte
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